SPECTRAL: A Showcase of Fear

Created by Chris Anderson

It's here! Successfully funded on Kickstarter, you can now order your copy of SPECTRAL by Anderson and Accampo. The book includes 7 spooky tales and a unique framing story, collecting, expanding and re-contextualizing our ONE-SHOT HORROR stories -- while introducing readers to the creepy Professor Spectral and his traveling puppet show! Perfect for fans of classic EC Comics, The Twilight Zone, Creep Show, and Tales from the Dark Side.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Kickstarter complete! Next steps....
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 07, 2022 at 05:06:56 PM

From the tips of our DevilSkins to the bottoms of our WitchHearts...

 We did it!

And by we, I mean ALL of us. Chris and I wanted to get this book made on our own terms, and with the support of all of our amazing backers, we’re now able to make it happen!

We also wanted to take a moment to give a very special shout-out to Andrew Jenson of Son of Jen Puppets, who is a crucial part of this team. The Kickstarter simply would not be same without Andy's puppets.  And, really, the book wouldn't be the same! Our framing sequence is completely inspired by Andy's designs. 

There's also another member of our team that really helped us in this endeavor, and that's Melissa Meszaros of Don't Hide PR! Melissa has been working behind the scenes throughout this campaign to help us raise awareness and promote the book and the campaign. 

So... what happens next?

First, the dust needs to settle a bit as Kickstarter collects and processes all of the pledges.

Meanwhile,  Chris and I (and editor Marissa Valentini) will be working on several fronts:

  • Prepping Backerkit surveys that will allow you to finalize your rewards, select add-ons and also calculate shipping.
  • Finishing the final book art, layout, and edits. Now with our expanded content, we've got some artwork to finish, some text to edit, some layout and design work to finalize. We’ll be working on this through the month, making sure everything is perfect and ready to go out the door. 

And then our next stage involves sending the files to the printer. This is where it leaves our hands and goes into the printing process. We’ll be as transparent as possible as to how long this takes, but there are a lot of variables that are well out of our control.

That said, once we deliver final, proofed files to the printer, we will also be delivering you the DIGITAL rewards! This means PDF copies of SPECTRAL and whatever additional books you’ve backed or added via Backerkit.

A LOT of work ahead of us, but we’ll be sure to keep you all informed as to our progress along the way.

Thank you all so much, and we'll keep updating you as we make new progress!

Dave (& Chris)

We hit our Stretch Goal! on to the next with a few hours to go!!!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jul 07, 2022 at 11:11:03 AM

Holy beans!

Thank you all so much for getting us to the next stretch goal! The book will now be expanded to 128 pages. Next up at 14k, Stickers for all! Now, I know what you might be thinking. Stickers? What am I in third grade?! And to that I say, yes. We are all perpetually in third grade. Once you peel the back off of one of these babys, you will be transported back in time to when you got most of the answers right on that one worksheet and you felt the warm sunshine of your teacher thinking to themselves that this kid might graduate after all one day. Just me? Anyway, they're nice stickers.

But that's not all! if we can get up to 16k, we will make all of the books HARDCOVER!!! Who wants a pesky bendy book when you can have one that doesn't bend? Seriously, though. This book would be nice as a hardcover. I want this. Help make this happen.

Lastly, Josh Gorfain and J.C. Grande are kickinin' their new project called Frozen Angel Symphony. It's a weird cyberpunk/Fantasy story of weirdness. Anyone who knows me knows that weirdness is the baseline for showing me something you think I might enjoy. I think YOU might enjoy this. click the image below to check it out.

Funded! With just hours to go!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jul 05, 2022 at 11:17:45 AM

We did it! 

This has been an absolute nail biter, but as I type this, we're currently at $12,357.00 -- which means we are fully funded! We can't bring this book to life without all of you, so please know, from the bottom of our collective heart, we are incredibly grateful! 

That said, we've still got two days left in the campaign, so there's still a chance to give all of you an even better book than what you're already getting. If we can bump this baby up to $13,000.00, we'll expand the page count and give you an extra illustrated prose story, some cool behind-the-scenes process stuff, and other little goodies! 

A Good Review

It's also worth noting that we sent around an advance (slightly incomplete) copy of the PDF for reviews, and we got a really nice review from, which perhaps gives you a little insight into what to expect! I love this last line of the review:

"While the collection is still being completed, it shows promise. Collectors of horror who prefer quality storytelling over gore will want to contribute to the book’s creation."

That's it for now -- let's rally and keep spreading the word, and see if we can't hit that first stretch goal! 

Thank you  all so much!

Dave (& Chris)

So close we figured we should talk stretch goals!!!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Jul 01, 2022 at 02:11:58 PM

Hey Folks!!!

We are so darn close to crossing the finish line. But we're going into the funding fog of a long holiday weekend. Who knows what lurks behind those financially shrouded days ahead? So we thought we would rally you all to tell your friends, their grandmas, their cousin's friend's acquaintances... about the campaign. We just need to move the needle a little bit and we'll have this puppy in the bag.

David laying out the book

If we move it so hard that we exceed our goal 0f 12k and shoot up to 13k, we'll hit our first stretch goal!!!

At 13k we will expand the book to be 128 pages. More book for your buck. We'll include things like process pages of art and script as well as an all new prose story written by Dave with some illustrations by me and more. But we can only do it if we all heave-ho and get this boulder up over the hill. 

Chris Wrapping up the final pages of the framing sequences.

Thanks a million to all of you. I can't say it enough. We worked so hard on this and it's been amazing seeing old fans, new fans, friends and family step up and try to make this happen together.  One more nudge to lock in that goal and onward to the fun stuff.

Chris (& Dave)

Our Final Week! New Rewards!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 03:42:16 PM

7 Days, 3 New Reward Tiers!

It might be appropriate for a spooky anthology, folks, but this Kickstarter has been quite the nail-biter! We're in our final week, and as I write this, we have juuuuust over $3K to raise. It's going to be close. We really need your support in getting the word out. 

On our end, Chris and I have been wracking our brains to come up with new rewards to entice folks. 

We're proud to announce:


Digital Copy of Sparrow & Crowe and a Physical Copy of Spectral
Digital Copy of Sparrow & Crowe and a Physical Copy of Spectral

I've brought back my very first published comics work. Long out of print and unavailable digitally, we are offering you a digital copy of SPARROW & CROWE: THE DEMONIAC OF LOS ANGELES by me, co-writer Jeremy Rogers, and artist Jared Souza.

This full-length graphic novel contains an epilogue that has NEVER been released that adds ties to the audio drama, WORMWOOD: A Serialized Mystery!
We’re offering TWO tiers: an all-digital reward, and a hybrid tier with the physical copy of SPECTRAL and a digital copy of SPARROW & CROWE (shown above).

Please note: we will ALSO be including S&C as an ADD-ON at the end of the campaign, so if you want the PDF, but already selected a different reward tier, fear not — we’ve got you covered!

But that's not all, folks! We also have:


72 original art boards that make up the complete DollHouse story!
72 original art boards that make up the complete DollHouse story!

"DollHouse," one of our SPECTRAL stories, was created on individual boards for each panel. Chris is offering the entire set — that’s 72 pieces of original art — for just $500. And it comes with a copy of the book! The boards are square so you can tile and retell our spooky tale any way you want! A truly unique reward for someone looking to support indie artists and get something amazing in return!

What else...?

Chris just got back from HeroesCon this week -- a special thanks to all the folks who backed us on the spot, or swung by to say "hi" to Chris. 

Chris at HeroesCon

Meanwhile back on the farm, I guested on THE WRITER'S BLOCK podcast with David Avallone and Rylend Grant, where we had a very freewheeling discussion about writing comics, plotting stories, where text and subtext meet, and all sorts of very fun process talk! 

Check it out here: